Ad for Latex Bolero. It’s inspired by Miley Cyrus, so suitable to feature her.

4 months ago

Drawing for an ad for an latex stockings.

Inked and colored with Derwent water soluble pencils, and ad composed in Gimp 2.8,

First version of an ad - with rainbow colours - is made by ours truly. Second version is made by Peitsa (see other). And both of them have name spelled wrong.




  • Fashion Fashioned stay-ups
  • Material Latex with different contrasts
  • Style 60’s style back-seamed, with Cuban heel
  • Price Price 25€, but with “Tahdon 2013" campain, 20.13€
  • Available
  • To Whom [for] the legs that dances [with]

Second Renaissance – A bit different; from a bit different; for a bit different.

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Latex Bolero.

Inspired by Miley Cyrus.

Zipper in front. Second revisions includes zipper in sleeves, Made from 0.4 Radical Rubber black and white.

5 months ago

Doctor Who; or the birthday card that the love build

So as it happens, our ex-classmate is a big Doctor Who fangirl. And for her birthday, we took it upon ourselves to remember her with a suitable birthday card.

Front is covered by – possibly menacing – Ood. This is a reference to “Planet of the Ood" -episode. That episode features Donna Noble as companion, who happens to be our ex-classmates’ favorite companion. On those black boxes, text says “Shh, can you hear it?”; Idea which is stolen from reddit submission.

When card is opened, a 3D Tardis pop-ups. And when I say “3D”, it is actually viewable from every direction. Background is van Gogh -esque, as a reference to everybodys’ favorite episode; “Vincent and the Doctor”. Text on the black boxes says “Ood is singing [praises] for you”, again as reference to “Planet of the Ood” episode.

And at the back, there is yet another Tardis – as what would be Doctor Who card without Tardises’ all over? This tardis door can be opened. Sadly, door actually needs to be “pull[ed] to open”. When opened, it reveals a small message written inside.

And just for the sake of going that extra mile, I did change my profile picture for more suitable.

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Ad Nauseam.

Ad for bros’ birthday. Follows the teachings of now famous “design studio” “Grafik BS”.

Photo by Peitsa.

6 months ago

Broken Flower

Inked and coloured using Bic Aquacolour pencils. Tried to exaggerate line width variation to give it more contemporary look.

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One of my French women.

Inked and colored by using Bic Aquacolour pencils. Hair colour was accident, not an artistic choice. Based on a picture of a Posh Spice.

8 months ago

Warning: Shitty phone camera photos, on incorrect size mannequin.

Halterneck dress made out of latex. Inside lined with stretchy fabric. ‘nuf said.

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Comissioned latex bra. As improvements to previous version, it now contains closing mechanism, which is same that is used on bikinis.

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Latex Jeans — Disco Inferno.

Straight cut, stiching is for visual purposes, has functional pockets, zipper in front, and comfort lining. It’s made to fit, and patterned on Graphis.

11 months ago 2 notes

Latex bra. It has underwire for support, and adjustable straps. Sadly, no closing mechanism yet, I’m looking for suitable one.

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11 months ago 2 notes

Unique Bow choker from “Divalution" Collection.

Made from black and red RadicalRubber 0.4mm latex. Has closing mechanism in back, which in all likelihood contain nickel. Bow is a bit off center, to optimize the cuteness factor.

It can be purchased from here:

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Mens’ boxers Mk. III

They are made from latex, and includes comfort lining.

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Tippusin. Mad Men inspired card for classmate.

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